I am a Ph.D. candidate working under Prof. Desnoyers supervision at SSSL. Currently, my research is focused on storage-related topics including emerging storage technologies and distributed storage systems. Specifically, I am working on SMR drives, trying to improve their performance. I also collaborate with  Mass Open Cloud (MOC) as a researcher, working on caching solutions for BigData applications in data centers.

I received my Masters degree from University of Victoria, Canada, working on low-power/fault-tolerant micro-architecture.

Please find a full list of my publication at my Google scholar

Selected Publications

Contact Info

Northeastern University

College of Computer and Information Science

370 West Village H,

404 Huntington Ave,

Boston, MA 02115




  • Modeling Drive-Managed SMR Performance, M Shafaei, MH Hajkazemi, P Desnoyers, A Aghayev,  (TOS 2017)

  • Heterogeneous HMC+ DDRx Memory Management for Performance-Temperature Tradeoffs, MH Hajkazemi, MK Tavana, T Mohsenin, H Homayoun, s (JETC 2017)

  • Wide I/O or LPDDR? Exploration and analysis of performance, power and temperature trade-offs of emerging DRAM technologies in embedded MPSoCs, MH Hajkazemi, MK Tavana, H Homayoun Computer Design (ICCD 2015)

  • FARHAD: A Fault-Tolerant Power-Aware Hybrid Adder for add intensive applications, MH Hajkazemi, A Baniasadi, H Asadi, (ASAP 2013)

  • ElasticCore: A Dynamic Heterogeneous Platform With Joint Core and Voltage/Frequency Scaling, MK Tavana, MH Hajkazemi, D Pathak, I Savidis, H Homayoun, (TVLSI 2018)